Inner Ties

People must be of one heart and mind in order to accomplish their objective. As a matter of fact, people can be together, but not united and that can be a source of frustration as they try to accomplish an objective.

The Lord in Amos 3: 3 asks the question, “Can two walk together, except they
be agreed?” (KJV). The answer is “yes” although both external and internal ties between them come into play. External ties can force people to walk together, but internal ties connect them at a deeper level and even adds value to their walk by making it enjoyable. We all need to strengthen our inner ties with each other in order to add value to our experiences together.

When individuals are brought together for any reason, they need the ability to connect with each other at a much deeper level. Just because people
are physically together, does not mean they are united. People need to have something that connects them from the inside so as to have a common ground they value and cherish.

In your relationship or marriage, what is your common ground? Whatever both of you value is your common ground. You have the right to protect it because it is precious to you and yours. That common ground takes away the sense of competitiveness against each other. In relationships, competition could generally be due to
baggage because of negative experiences from the past stored in the subconscious. Now, instead of competition that common ground will define and offer a clear common goal as you team up together from the heart.

In your relationship do you feel like you are on the same team?


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